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Sunshine Flipside Explode CBGB's, Charges Not Filed, 12/27/03
Topic: Miscellaneous 3:03 am EST, Dec 29, 2003

Rock and Roll band Sunshine Flipside broke up on CBGB's stage last night after an "incindiary" performance that out-punked some of the more seasoned pros on the bill. For those unfamiliar with the band of four skinny, ragtag and ultra-talented lunatics, their sound conjures all the right spirits of rock and roll, but the group's stage antics include beating the crap out of each other, while cursing, drinking and rocking like hell. When original lead singer Lonnie quit the band, two months ago, guitarist Johnny Larkin, bassist Danny Matthews, and drummer Robert Blake (also the frontman of another excellent band, The Vanities) decided to keep the group together and forge ahead with some new songs and performances. Lacking Lonnie's presence made them all think it was kinda pointless, though. The banned announced Dec. 27 as the date of their final gig, set to take place at CBGB's, on Bowery and Bleeker, in Manhattan.
The set started off with an introduction of the most-current lineup, who tore through "Were I Belong," a grinding grunge anthem that showcases the vocal talents of bassist Matthews. The three-piece then spat out Larkin's "Disclaimer," with its thoroughly heartfelt lyrics about the "finer" points of females. The band seemed intent on delivering a fantastic performance, while Lonnie Rutledge bobbed back and forth in the front row of the dancing spectators. At the conclusion of "Disclaimer," he crawled up to the stage to writhe around a bit and hit the tremolo on Larkin's guitar. With song's last chord, Lon put on a guitar and walked up to the mike.
He announced that it was their last show, unless someone signed them right there, that night. Then they launched into the instrumental "From Another Planet," which drummer Blake turned into an amped up ball of energy shot from the band to the crowd. Lonnie played a Fender guitar with so many stickers on it, that no one seemed to think oddly about the firecrackers that he had apparently taped to the front of it.
Next on tap was a fine version of the rocker "Blue Blocker," and a rendition of "Heartbreak Blues," which probably qualifies as the Flipside song most likely to get a kid laid after the junoir prom. Tonight's performance of that tune ranks among their best ever of that poppy slow tune, with one of the best Larkin solos yet.
After a bit of confusion over how many songs the soundman would allow, Sunshine Flipside launched into their final song, a new one, written by Lonnie and fantastically essayed by his former band. Sadly, at this point, the band began to show some of what might have kept them together in the end, a sense of having fun together...

...Then Lonnie turned to face the drummer, the lights on the stage went down and he held a lighter to his guitar before turning around to face the crowd. Within seconds, firecrackers exploded from the face of his guitar, sending the band out with an proverbial bang. Danny and Jo... [ Read More (0.2k in body) ]

We Download Songs
Topic: Miscellaneous 7:52 am EST, Dec 14, 2003

These are the lyrics of a new song by a NJ based band of rabblerousers calling themselves The Snipers. This song goes to the tune of Bob Marley's Redemption Song and it goes a little something like this...

Oh pirates yes they copy,
But who are we to bitch?
We write songs to make you think
Not for us to get rich,
But the Man he says you are wrong
Backed by RIAA
But we have the tools to fight them
Just get out there and play

Songs that make you think
True songs of freedom
All we'll ever have

We download songs.

Emancipate yourselves from market slavery
Boycott the servants who rule our lives
Have no fear of our corporate entities
There's no need for them in these times
Let's log on and kill their profits
While they treat us all like crooks
But it's them been ripping us off.
Time to steal back what they took.

Songs that make you think
True songs of freedom
All we'll ever have.

We download songs.

RIAA Exposed
Topic: Arts 7:46 am EST, Dec 14, 2003

Howdy, fucks!
In today's installment of this wonderful little webjournal, I am gonna give you something special. What is it, you ask? Well, I am glad you wanna know! I now present to you the RIAA's phone number, so that you can call them and let them know what a wonderful job you think they are doing! So kids, go to your parent's phone, pick it up and dial these digits:

(202) 775-0101

Then feel free to tell the asshole who answers anything your little heart desires! No thanks necessary!

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