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"I invented the internet." -Al Gore

Senator Sues God!!!
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:36 am EDT, Sep 18, 2007

This is the greatest man in American politics! I finally made my mind up for '08. I suggest you do the same!

Senator Sues God!!!

It's NOT a hall of mirrors
Topic: Current Events 12:44 am EDT, Sep 11, 2007

It's not a hall of mirrors. It's a glass house. Learn tor read you fucking idiot. Learn to read. You can see it. It's right there. It's not a hall of mirrors. It's a glass hhouse. Learn to read!!! you fucking idiot. learn to read. its not a hall of mirrors its a glass house!

It's NOT a hall of mirrors

RE: Cindy Sheehan arrested for... wearing a shirt!
Topic: Society 1:32 pm EST, Feb  1, 2006

Cindy Sheehan brings these things upon herself. Furthermore, it's quite apparent that this news item illustrates the "two-way street" in our bi-polarized government. The article also states that Rep Bill Young's (R-Fl) wife was asked to cover the offending message on her own shirt. That message was "Support Our Troops." Sheehan's shirt read "2,245 dead. How many more." While I support the right to free expression under any circumstances, it seems a bit more ridiculous to censor the message of Rep. Young's wife than that of Sheehan, who has emerged as a self-serving rabble rouser with no regard for America or our troops.

What we have here is kind of interesting, on a cultural level. Cindy Sheehan's son chose to enlist, putting himself in harm's way for his nation (or possibly for G.I. benefits). She had the opportunity to encourage him to chooose another vocation. At this point she shows little respect for his choice. Rather than honoring his committment and sacrifice, she chooses to blame the government for the fact that her son willfully enlisted and died in our military. Oftentimes, liberals find themselves defending the choices of children in the face of the sort of parental dissatisfaction more commmonly associated with "closed-minded" conservative establishment types. In this instance, we have a woman of the hippie generation refusing to support the choice made by her generation Y son. Had he chosen to attend college, work for NORML, burn up a trust fund, backpack through Holland, protest a war, attend rallies, get an MBA and then join the establishment, his mother might have given full approval. It's interesting to see how parents react to their children's choices. Had he attended college, he might have died as a result of binge drinking. Would Cindy Sheehan set up camp outside of Anheiser Busch or the University of Wisconson and demanded answers and audiences with figureheads?

Sheehan does little to honor her son's sacrifice. In fact, she does not view her son's death as a sacrifice. Rather, she seems to feel that her son was murdered by the president. She gives the impression that the 2,244 other fatalities in the war in Iraq were also homicides committed by President Bush. She also fails to weigh a few factors in her sloganeering.

On September 11th, 2001 a similar number of Americans were killed in one hour. Three years of war in Iraq haven't touched the number of lives snuffed out in that one day. After the 9/11/01 attacks, all Americans were frightened of what was to come next. Some demanded retribution, others justice, but all demanded safety. In order to acheive that level of safety, some degree of military action was in order. First came Afghanistan. It was a rousing success and the President commmanded a 90% approval rating. Iraq came next. A wisely chosen war, in terms of gaining a strategic vantage point. I do believe most Americans feel safer with Saddam out of power and the play... [ Read More (0.2k in body) ]

RE: Cindy Sheehan arrested for... wearing a shirt!

RE: Rattle is the site admin
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:48 am EDT, Jul 31, 2005

Decius wrote:
You may have noticed that I haven't been posting much. I don't plan to post for a while. I am hereby turning over all reponsibility for administration of this site to Nick Levay (Rattle). I am not managing MemeStreams or Industrial Memetics for the time being. All queries should be sent to Nick.

I think its appropriate for this community to be able to express its views without implicating any conflicts of interest that I may have, so I am stepping back for now. The perspective of this community belongs to the community and not to me or Nick or anyone else.

Furthermore, to avoid any rumors, there has been absolutely nothing from any of the parties involved in this dispute that has prompted this action, nor to I really believe that any of the parties involved in this dispute would have a problem with what this site consists of, presuming they understood what it is. This is simply a precautionary measure that I am taking to avoid any potential problems and to ensure the freedom of the people in this comunity to express their views.

It is my sincere hope that all of this drama dies down as quickly as it began.

You spelled community wrong.

RE: Rattle is the site admin

The Vile Side: Hey Kids, Gather 'Round For Junkie Porn!!!
Topic: Miscellaneous 5:34 am EDT, Apr  9, 2005

Howdy folks! Guess time it is? It's time for Junkie Porn!!! Baby, who woulda' thought it would come to this? This is a seriously disturbing link, so click on it at your own risk. I personally wish all porn stars looked like these lovely specimens, but then again, I realize that what I think is sexy and what you people think is sexy are probably two different things. So America, Keep your Paris Hilton's and your Jessica Simpsons. I'll be happy with these Nancy Spungens! Although, seriously, as you examine these pics, take a look at some of the places these chicks managed to get track marks! On their damned faces!?! who the hell shots dope into their forehead? Their nose? Either way this link is fascinating. I would subscribe to the site these pics came from! If anyone can solve the mystery of these pics' origin, then drop me a line.

The Vile Side: Hey Kids, Gather 'Round For Junkie Porn!!!

Schiavo's Starvation Is Our Nation's Damnation: The Vile Side
Topic: Miscellaneous 4:05 am EST, Mar 28, 2005

As a preface to this piece, allow me to take some time to state, in bold faced print:


*unless if I got into that state while trying to commit suicide. Then let me die. Hell, finish the job for me!

Now, America is polarized yet again. That's getting so commonplace in this "post September the 11th" (as Bushitter would say) that it almost makes me want to hop on a bicycle and hightail my ass to the lonely middle-ground of American sentiment. In this latest hot-button scenario, a husband and a biological family fight bitterly over the silent living corpse of a flesh-and-blood woman whose inability to speak up for herself has created a miasma of strong opinions in what amounts to a convoluted "right-to-die" case.

This case did not come to light recently (it's been going on for over ten years), but as time runs out in the life of Terri Schiavo (and she may be dead as of this writing), the media has turned the story into a circus (imagine that). With parents and siblings desperate to see their daughter live, and a husband desperate to turn a blind eye as she starves to death, The Schiavo-Schindler debacle has emerged as one of our more colorful reality shows of the season.

Here's a groovy perspective on things!

Michael Schiavo is a scumbag whose wife Terri went into this persistent vegetative state as a result of an eating disorder shortly after they married. I am willing to bet that this callous husband made Terri's weight an issue, causing her eating disorder. He is obviously not some knight in shining armor, since he left her bedside to go off and bang some other broad (who should write up a living will, if she hasn't already, since Mr. Schiavo has a history of voraciously chasing his spouse's demises).

Schiavo stands to make over one million dollars in profit from Terri's death. Not a bad haul for destroying someone's self-image, causing their anorexia, and then forcing her parents to watch her starve to death as he goes home, eats dinner, drinks some tasty beverages and gets laid with his new girl.

Meanwhile, the parents and siblings get to say goodbye to their daughter, lose faith in our court system's ability to protect life, and forever regret offering their sweetheart's hand in marraige to a scumbag.

Now, the pro-lifers, those ever-vigilant christian soldiers, can wring their hands in front of the hospice that houses the "dead woman sitting." They can pray their little prayers, beseech their puppet president, but all the Bush's horses and all the Bush's men cannot put a respect for life back in American again.

The lefties can sit back and allow her to starve, since liberals only protect things that can protect themselves (yet don't). They ignore the cases like this. Terri's life is not as important as a child-murderer on death row. They, like Pilot, wash their hands of her starvation-murder.

And Michael Schiavo can sit back, breath a sigh of relief, buy some nice things with Terri's blood money and wait until he dies to find his place in Hell. It would be rather ironic if some of these homicidal pro-lifers that usually bomb abortion clinics would kidnap him, crazy glue his mouth shut, and then tie him to a chair until he starves to death himself. But they aren't ever that cool.

Then again, maybe a particularly impressionable moral-psycho reads this essay...and a seed is planted...

RIP Terri Schiavo. We hardly knew ye!

RE: Left-handers have different view
Topic: Science 3:02 am EST, Feb  9, 2005

k wrote:
] ] Research has suggested that left-handed people are more
] ] susceptible to a range of problems, including allergies,
] ] auto-immune diseases, depression, drug abuse, epilepsy,
] ] schizophrenia and sleeping disorders.
] ]
] ]
] ] Left-handers are thought to have poorer spatial skills,
] ] and thus to be more vulnerable to car crashes and other
] ] serious accidents.
] ]
] ]
] ] However, a study published by The Lancet suggested there
] ] was no truth in the theory that left-handers are more
] ] likely to die prematurely.
] [ They left out the fact that we're better at everything else
] ;)
] Seriously though, this article's pretty light on content. All
] it says is that right and left handed people might view the
] world "differently" but they don't reveal any qualitative
] details. Differently how? Better or worse? I mean, I guess
] it means that if i get to choose which side of my brain takes
] a hit, i should chose the left side, so my language and visual
] skills aren't as badly fucked, but I'd like to know a lot
] more. -k]

The article seems slight, alright. Researchers who waste their time with things like this do none of us any favors. They probably need to take a hit to the right side of the brain. Maybe it would start working then. As far as you go, k, I must say that it sucks to find that we use the same hand to write with. I hate being in any classification that you are in. In fact, I am re-stringing my guitar right now. Time to convert to righty. Maybe my allergies, AIDS, depression, drug problem, schizophrenia, insomnia, and spatial challenges will all go away and I will drive better. Who knows?

RE: Left-handers have different view

Air Drop of Origami Birds Met With Violence In Southern Thailand.
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:23 pm EST, Dec  6, 2004

Airdrop of paper 'birds of peace' is followed by bombings, shootings, and arson attacks.

A creative peace offering has been met with renewed violence in the troubled south of Thailand.
Hours after 50 Thai army planes dropped some 100 million Japanese-style origami cranes over the predominantly Muslim region Sunday, suspected Muslim militants shot dead a former prosecutor in Pattani province, reports The BBC.

On Monday morning four Thai troops were wounded when a bomb was detonated remotely by a mobile phone at a rest-stop for patrolling soldiers in Narathiwat province, reports The Associated Press. Hours later, writes AP, another bomb exploded nearby seriously injuring an assistant district chief as he parked his car

One bird folded and signed by Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra offered a scholarship if found by a child, or a job for an adult. The cranes could also be exchanged for food as The Bangkok Post reports

Twenty cranes can be exchanged for one egg, 50 cranes for 1kg of sugar or rice. All cranes collected would be given to authorities who will boil them and mix with lime to build a monument to peace

Air Drop of Origami Birds Met With Violence In Southern Thailand.

Field trip aims to make vegetables attractive
Topic: Health and Wellness 3:42 am EST, Dec  3, 2004

WOODBRIDGE, N.J. - First came fruits. Even a short lecture on Vitamin C, folic acid and potassium couldn't keep fourth-grade fingers from grabbing up orange slices.

Good. These little bastards shouldn't be such fat, gluttonous pieces of garbage.

Field trip aims to make vegetables attractive

The Paparazzi Are Why You Exist, Stupid!
Topic: Miscellaneous 6:03 pm EST, Nov 15, 2004

When one realizes what utter gutterscum make up our list of current celebrities, the mind reels as the stomach empties. What's more, there exists a whole cadre of talented, eager, and interesting young actors, singers, artists, writers, pundits and personalities who have spent years starving and taking wait staff jobs while a group of spoiled, stupid, vain and ungrateful twits have hijacked popular culture towards their own ends. Witness the rash of non-talents railing against the paparazzi's supposed "invasion" of their so-called privacy that has steadily grown to a head (like a zit) over the past two decades. Now, the first example I can find of a bratty celebrity lashing out against the work-a-day pressmen would be Sean Penn, who was sued back in the 80's for punching a photographer. There have been other skirmishes, lawsuits (Claudia Schiffer sued over pics taken of her sunbathing topless in the 1990's, but models might be too stupid to realize that you shouldn't do such a thing in public, so it doesn't count).

The latest celebrity to bravely take on people who make far less money annually is the perennial enemy of the press Cameron Diaz.
She's been in the news twice this year, and neither scoop related to her acting abilities. Back in the spring, she had her lawyer send a cease and desist letter to a website which aired topless footage of her taken back before she rose to fame (courtesy of The Mask, a Jim Carey vehicle which used computer animation to make him look weirder than he really does and used lots of makeup and lighting to make her look hotter than she really does). Apparently, history is revisionist for a celebrity of her stature (note the use of the word "celebrity," not "actress), so when she whored her breasts out in desperation early on, we are supposed to censor the images and forget it ever happened, whereas many other women's mammaries have wound up on the net courtesy of jilted ex-boyfriends, but you never hear of a lawsuit pertaining to these. (Celebrities are "special," probably in the developmentally disabled meaning of the word). With her shameful past censored and her born-again modesty upheld, she plunged forward, making more headlines over her relationship with a boy ten years her junior.

Now, she's back in the press again (sorry no new good movie or anything) after getting into a very dignified shoving match with papparazzo Saul Lazo, who was trying to take a picture of the "star" and her little boyfriend as they walked to their car from Hollywood's trendy Chateau Marmont hotel on Nov 6. The bleach blonde bimbo apparently whacked him in the neck and stole his camera, in her very dignified celebrity way. She and Justin Timberlake (the boy wonder, star of Backstreet Boys and gay porn) are claiming self-defense, since so many celebrities have been murdered, beaten, robbed and raped by cameras, presumbably.

Cameron and Justin are not alone. Kim Jong Il's favorite son Alec Baldwin h... [ Read More (0.4k in body) ]

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