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"I invented the internet." -Al Gore

A Good Reason Why Gays Should Not Be Allowed To Adopt
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:49 pm EDT, Oct 16, 2007

This article plainly demonstrates the problem surrounding adoption by gay couples. Now, their hearts may sit firmly in the right place (a fact I do not doubt), but we cannot have stories such as this filling our newspapers, day in and day out. So please, try to be tolerant of allegedly "intolerant" opinions. You may be way off base in your politically correct assumptions.

A Good Reason Why Gays Should Not Be Allowed To Adopt

Patrick Veil and Lonnnie to perform at Brighton Bar!!!
Topic: Arts 9:44 pm EDT, Oct  7, 2007

This Wednesday, October 10th is a big day!

At the Brighton Bar, on Brighton Ave in beautiful Long Branch, NJ, Patrick Veil (of the Sex Zombies and Fabric Staircase Magazine) will perform an acoustic set of humorous, topical and fearless tunes. Come watch acoustic become dangerous weaponry in the hands of a madman. Patrick is in the middle of a tour with the increasingly popular Sex Zombies, and this special acoustic performance guarantees to entertain.

Speaking of Madmen, singer/songwriter Lonnnie (of Sunshine Flipside) makes his return to the Brighton stage with a set of new tunes that have to be heard to be believed! A genius tunesmith with a penchant for aching melodies, insightful (occasionally hilarious) lyrics, and potent performances.

Also performing are The Hip Shop, Nick Gere and Eddie Bodeen. For more info, check

Don't miss this show...unless you are already playing a gig somewhere else. No other excuses will cut the mustard!

Patrick Veil and Lonnnie to perform at Brighton Bar!!!

Senator Sues God!!!
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:36 am EDT, Sep 18, 2007

This is the greatest man in American politics! I finally made my mind up for '08. I suggest you do the same!

Senator Sues God!!!

It's NOT a hall of mirrors
Topic: Current Events 12:44 am EDT, Sep 11, 2007

It's not a hall of mirrors. It's a glass house. Learn tor read you fucking idiot. Learn to read. You can see it. It's right there. It's not a hall of mirrors. It's a glass hhouse. Learn to read!!! you fucking idiot. learn to read. its not a hall of mirrors its a glass house!

It's NOT a hall of mirrors

RE: Cindy Sheehan arrested for... wearing a shirt!
Topic: Society 1:32 pm EST, Feb  1, 2006

Cindy Sheehan brings these things upon herself. Furthermore, it's quite apparent that this news item illustrates the "two-way street" in our bi-polarized government. The article also states that Rep Bill Young's (R-Fl) wife was asked to cover the offending message on her own shirt. That message was "Support Our Troops." Sheehan's shirt read "2,245 dead. How many more." While I support the right to free expression under any circumstances, it seems a bit more ridiculous to censor the message of Rep. Young's wife than that of Sheehan, who has emerged as a self-serving rabble rouser with no regard for America or our troops.

What we have here is kind of interesting, on a cultural level. Cindy Sheehan's son chose to enlist, putting himself in harm's way for his nation (or possibly for G.I. benefits). She had the opportunity to encourage him to chooose another vocation. At this point she shows little respect for his choice. Rather than honoring his committment and sacrifice, she chooses to blame the government for the fact that her son willfully enlisted and died in our military. Oftentimes, liberals find themselves defending the choices of children in the face of the sort of parental dissatisfaction more commmonly associated with "closed-minded" conservative establishment types. In this instance, we have a woman of the hippie generation refusing to support the choice made by her generation Y son. Had he chosen to attend college, work for NORML, burn up a trust fund, backpack through Holland, protest a war, attend rallies, get an MBA and then join the establishment, his mother might have given full approval. It's interesting to see how parents react to their children's choices. Had he attended college, he might have died as a result of binge drinking. Would Cindy Sheehan set up camp outside of Anheiser Busch or the University of Wisconson and demanded answers and audiences with figureheads?

Sheehan does little to honor her son's sacrifice. In fact, she does not view her son's death as a sacrifice. Rather, she seems to feel that her son was murdered by the president. She gives the impression that the 2,244 other fatalities in the war in Iraq were also homicides committed by President Bush. She also fails to weigh a few factors in her sloganeering.

On September 11th, 2001 a similar number of Americans were killed in one hour. Three years of war in Iraq haven't touched the number of lives snuffed out in that one day. After the 9/11/01 attacks, all Americans were frightened of what was to come next. Some demanded retribution, others justice, but all demanded safety. In order to acheive that level of safety, some degree of military action was in order. First came Afghanistan. It was a rousing success and the President commmanded a 90% approval rating. Iraq came next. A wisely chosen war, in terms of gaining a strategic vantage point. I do believe most Americans feel safer with Saddam out of power and the play... [ Read More (0.2k in body) ]

RE: Cindy Sheehan arrested for... wearing a shirt!

RE: Metal World Reacts To Dimebag Darrell's Demise
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:09 pm EDT, Oct 11, 2005

adam wrote:

Vile wrote:
How about meeting me in person, Daniel? I think you'd probably make a good urinal. Too bad you weren't in the front row of that concert. Then, Nathan Gale coulda done us another favor and rubbed you out, as well as Dirtbag Darrell. You are obviously of an inferior intellect (as judged by your lack of literary comprehension and your apparent love for Pantera). I really do not wish to waste my time chatting with you on aim, or through email, so this post will have to sate your desire to get closer to me. Fag.

ok, no i did understand what you meant. obviously you are of inferior intellect seeing as how his name is niggemeyer not niggermeyer. also justifying what this guy did is just disturbing and sick. you should get the crap kicked out of you. why dont you get on aim and try to have an intelligent conversation. maggot6999

Why don't you kick the crap out of me then, kid? AIM is a waste of time. I can't sit there at a computer for more than fifteen minutes a day without boring myself to tears. I doubt a conversation on AIM with you would interest me all that much, either. You don't seem like much of a brain trust. I'm glad this guy did what he did. Pantera sucked anyway. Dimebag Darrell was no loss. Hopefully more people will be inspired by his actions and kill more cockrock faggots like him. Entertainers who appeal to the lowest common denominator of white trash should be held accountable to their actions and punished with DEATH.

RE: Metal World Reacts To Dimebag Darrell's Demise

RE: Rattle is the site admin
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:48 am EDT, Jul 31, 2005

Decius wrote:
You may have noticed that I haven't been posting much. I don't plan to post for a while. I am hereby turning over all reponsibility for administration of this site to Nick Levay (Rattle). I am not managing MemeStreams or Industrial Memetics for the time being. All queries should be sent to Nick.

I think its appropriate for this community to be able to express its views without implicating any conflicts of interest that I may have, so I am stepping back for now. The perspective of this community belongs to the community and not to me or Nick or anyone else.

Furthermore, to avoid any rumors, there has been absolutely nothing from any of the parties involved in this dispute that has prompted this action, nor to I really believe that any of the parties involved in this dispute would have a problem with what this site consists of, presuming they understood what it is. This is simply a precautionary measure that I am taking to avoid any potential problems and to ensure the freedom of the people in this comunity to express their views.

It is my sincere hope that all of this drama dies down as quickly as it began.

You spelled community wrong.

RE: Rattle is the site admin

RE: .tel sTLD RFP Application
Topic: Technology 8:12 pm EDT, Jul  8, 2005

dmv wrote:

Vile wrote:

What would you nerds do if you didn't have these unimpressive inventions? Would you maybe get laid or something? You people are so boring and pathetic. Why are the faultiest minds handed the reins of new technology? You make this boring crap and then you mull over it. Get over it, losers. You have no place doing anything but serving others. You think you are important enough to discuss this stuff, but you aren't. So fuck off. Go to a bar, get laid, talk about this stuff there. Fucking morons. Talk about sports or something, like REAL men. As it stands, you are faggots. Realize it.

What would you trolls do if you didn't have these unimpressive positions to take on internet forums? Would you maybe get laid or something? You people are so boring and pathetic. Why are the faultiest minds allowed to post in ways to be seen in public? You make these boring attempts at being insulting and then you desperately hope it is provocative. Get over it, losers. You think you are important enough to comment on anything you please. Do you think that by instructing other people to do things resembling a life, someone might believe you actually have one? It should be pretty obvious that no only do you not have better things to do with your time, you are not even able to do something creative like learning. Why are you posting here? Is it to be more like a REAL man to waste your time helping those who know stuff?

Vile: I get laid more often than you, and I don't even know you. I am almost certainly more athletic and better respected by a community that doesn't even know that I know the inner workings of VoIP. Your posts, of this nature, make me sad. Not for how they make me feel -- I have no vested interest in your opinion of me, nor is my self-esteem based on my geek cred. I am not even sad about what they say about you, although you do get some empathy points for how empty your life must be. It makes me sad because of what you represent.

Thank you for your message. Please, do something nice for someone today.

DMV, you couldn't get laid in a whorehouse with a fistfull of fifties. You're not fooling anyone. The word "troll" is incredibly gay and something only a fucking nerd like your and your kin could concoct. Your self-aggrandizement does little to convince me that you get laid more than me (anyone could pick up queer guys at a rest stop, DMV. It doesn't count. Sorry, lady.). You definitely have a ve sted interest in my opinion of you, otherwise I would not find myself responding to your nerd ass at this time. Your self-esteem is solely self-observed, as is your respect by whatever community you claim to exist in. No one with even a smidgen of elan would give two shits about your knowlege of VoIP. Maybe the fellow social retards on Memestreams care, but that won't buy you the ability to interest the rest of the world in your pathetic excuse for a life. By the way, athletic prowess is not a factor by which we judge evolutionary success as an animal. Furthermore, your mother is an abomination for giving birth to you. She should have her uterus retroactively cut out to make sure that scummed cunt doesn't discharge another piece of shit like you. By the way, you score no points in originality for your rebuttal here. You simply mimicked my own post. How pathetic. Left-brained piece of shit. Your technology will crumble and fail, but true ingenuity will always remain. Have fun on the breadlines in a few years, relic!

Star Wars Raises Questions On U.S. Policy
Topic: Miscellaneous 2:07 am EDT, May 17, 2005

So George Lucas thinks he can tell us what to think about politics? What an asshole. What a commie. He made Greedo shoot first!?! For that, he should be jailed! For making Fantom Menace, he should be castrated! For shoving his politics in our faces, he should be killed! I am issuing a Fatwah against George Lucas! HOLY WAR for the Bush Nation! Lucas is a treasonous traitor and he should be sentenced to die in the electric chair!

Star Wars Raises Questions On U.S. Policy

Patrick Veil and Lonnie Rutledge to Perform at Coffee Blue, 4/23/04
Topic: Miscellaneous 11:46 pm EDT, Apr 19, 2005

Come on out to Coffee Blue on Saturday, April 23 for a great acoustic show by two outlaw rock and rollers from the shitty Jersey Shore. Patrick Veil of the Sniperz and Lonnie Rutledge, formerly of Sunshine Flipside, will each perform acoustic sets beginning at 9 PM. Admission is Free, but be sure to order drinks and snacks and tip the bartender well. All ages. Free hookers.

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